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Tristan Bayer has filmed schooling hammerheads in submarines in Cocos Island, swung with organgutans in the jungles of Borneo, was given unprecedented access to shoot behind the scenes of the Oscars in Hollywood, woke up a pod of sleeping sperm whales in the, followed adventure racers 500 miles across Brazil, and had a staring contest with a 10-foot male polar bear on the Hudson Bay... all from the safety of "Behind the Camera." 
Tristan worked his way up from sound recordist / assistant cameraman to his father - renowned wildlife filmmaker, Wolfgang Bayer - to winning the $100,000 BBC / Time-Life Natural History Innovation Grant for his fresh ideas for a television series at age 19. Tristan worked as wildlife filmmaker / television presenter / actor and conservationist after moving from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the Los Angeles.  Merging his artistic disciplines with his passion for nature, science and technology, beauty, travel and adventure into one lifestyle - EarthNative. 

Bayer's list of credentials includes television actor, producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, photographer, digital artist. His work has aired in the US and internationally on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Planet Green, National Geographic, BBC, Fox, TBS, and MTV.

Tristan was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography for the TV series he created, hosted, and acted as director of photography entitled “Caught in the Moment”, a ten-part-one-hour series on Animal Planet.

Tristan co-directed the groundbreaking, award winning documentary “Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification” featuring Sigourney Weaver for the NRDC and won awards including Best Short Film at the Blue Ocean Film Festival.  "Acid Test" was aired on Discovery and was also designed to inform policy makers such as President Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate on Capitol Hill on the effects of fossil fuel emissions on our oceans.
On another NRDC Films project, Tristan collaborated with Imaginary Forces on "Sonic Sea" - a multi-awardwinning documentary about the global issue of ocean noise on marine mammals.  
Somewhere right now in the far corners of the world, his work is inspiring and educating people about the spirit of conservation and the appreciation for natures magic and mystery. This is the power of media, and Tristan is now addicted to making a difference.

His next endeavor is the co-founding of a non-profit company to facilitate the protection of his endangered animal friends and their ecosystems.  The future is waiting to hear from us.

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